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Maximum $

1. Maximum Pay,  2. Going for a new Rank,  3. Specials when Ordering 

1. Things to Be Aware Of- to Get Maximum Pay

  • Check Your Qualification Visual that is located top left in your backoffice home page- at least once/week on friday- you may be just shy of a higher rank= higher pay and you are able to achieve this before the end of the week- Friday, midnight, EST
  • Get Active - get your 100PV (Personal Volume) set up... You need to be "Active" in order to get your paychecks & banking volume (200pv for Bronze Exec.+).
    • Your enrollment order of at least one case, "activates" you for your first month.
    • Being Active has a five (5) week lookback- from the current end of week (Friday midnight EST) back five weeks- looking for a total of 100pv (200pv for bronze+). Best place to see this 5 week PV lookback is on your backoffice Dashboard report.
    • Autoship is a fantastic way to be "active"
    • Your preferred customer volume also counts toward this PV at 50%
    • Note: if on the case your autoship cc is declined OR you have a preferred customer return product (minus pv) you need to make sure you still have your active pv met before the end of the week
  • Carryover (Banked) Volume: Any volume in your left and/or right leg, that is not "used" in binary team commissions, will carry over for use in the future IF you maintain Active Status (as defined above).
  • Maximum FastStart BonusHot Tip!Fast Start Bonus is paid only on the enrolling order
    If a person signs up with just the $40 kit fee and then places a separate order for product, wether it is the next minute or the next day- there is no fast start paid. (all the volume goes into the binary pay)
  • When you achieve the Bronze Executive level then you get additional Check Match bonus!!!
  • We get paid via Asea Smart Wallet. When you have a commission due, you will get an e-mail telling you how to activate your Asea Smart Wallet account. You may then establish your Smart Wallet and transfer your money to your bank account. 
    Put this e-mail address in your address book: notifications [at] to prevent the notification from going into your spam/junk folder.  Here are the account fees:
    -$1   each transfer out of smart wallet to your checking, etc-   cashout
    -$1 monthly fee if you have money in the account at any time for that month
    Here are tips to keep the fees down to minimal:
    1. Use Auto Cash Out-  If you need/want to do transfer to your checking account then only do a transfer when it is "worth it" to minimize the $1 cashout fee. Use the Transfer at a certain balance feature.  For example, only transfer when the balance reaches $100  or $500  or what ever.   
    2. To get minimal Monthly Fees use the blue card -   you still get the $1 month maintenance fee if you earned $ that month... but transfer to/Loading the card is Free, using the card with signature or PIN is Free   The charges can come with use at an ATM for cash or transfer from card to a checking account   or  trying to pull money from ATM that is not there to pull... 
    I think they can use the card for their autoship and that counts as signature expense= no withdraw fees
    ps: If you have no $ earned for the month- and have no money in the account, then no maintenance fee is charged BUT if this goes for longer than 6 months then they will charge a $5 maintenance fee to cover those months and "keep the account active"
    Here are documents on this all... from our backoffice library under Opportunity

2. When Going for New Rank

Ranks are detailed in the Compensation Plan but here are some things to be aware of:

  • Keep a close eye on your Home Page Qualification visual or your Bonus Qualification Report which gives the best summary of where you are.
  • Call in to ASEA Support Friday night if you are close to an important rank advancement just to double check the rank is made! Customer service is open Friday night until 10pm mountain time. 801.973.7499 Get your upline to help here too.
  • Number of Director 300 legs is for the current week- the personal group downline person may show as a Director 300 (lifetime rank) but they must be qualified as D300 for the current week!
    • Director 300's must be from separate directly sponsored legs (anywhere in depth).
    • Director 300 needs to be Team Commission/binary qualified for that week
  • Personal Volume over 200 will go to your lesser binary leg.
  • Personal Customer Volume Any personal customer volume, that is not used for personal volume qualification, is counted in your lesser binary leg. The Bonus Qualification report takes this into account.

3. Specials When Ordering- "Best Buys" 

  • Know what volumes and bonuses you get with what types of orders...  Order Price/Points Summary Sheet
    • Best Buy for the Customer is to be a Preferred Customer - the preferred customer gets wholesale pricing with the condition that they are on autoship. They can cancel autoship anytime. 
    • Best Buy for the New Associate is the 4 case enrollment with over $110 savings or 8 case special with $190 savings.
    • Best Buy for large orders is the 14 case order
  • For an Associate that wants to order more personal product than is needed to "be active" (100pv or 200pv for Bronze+) the default system works well. Any personal orders over 200pv will roll over into your lesser leg. However, here are some strategies for maximum return for these extra orders:
    • Order as a preferred customer to yourself- you get $25 PC bonus and 50pts volume rolls to your lesser leg.
    • Talk to your upline about how you can benefit your binary leg by placing the order with the person toward the bottom of the leg.